Celebrate Fisherman Bay Day – October Long Weekend

Celebrating over 50 years of service to Fisherman Bay, the Progress Association is dedicated to preserving the community of Fisherman Bay for the enjoyment of all.

The Easter Sunday Races has been a long held tradition within the community. A fun family day for all to enjoy, money raised from this event has provided over the years many services to the areas such as –

  • The maintenance of the playground and the purchase of new equipment.
  • The purchase of a BBQ, seating and gazebo near the western playground.
  • Additional seating along the foreshore and playground
  • And many other improvements over the years such as the boat ramp and shelters on the beach.

The Fisherman Bay Progress Association current fundraising effort is towards the renovation of the community hall to include a new kitchen and installation of toilets, for the purpose of being available for larger community events. This is an expensive endeavour and the new committee has been discussing ways to raise money.

As of 2017, Fisherman Bay Progress Association introduced an Arts / Music Festival held on the October Long Weekend called Celebrate Fisherman Bay Day.

Held on Saturday afternoon between 4pm – 8pm. This festival is a free family event for all ages.

If you are interested in exhibiting or performing at our next festival please see details below and submit a Particapation Form.

We welcome all local artist and musicians and visitors to Fisherman Bay to participate.


Location: Community Hall

Time: 4pm – 8pm

Cost: Free

Open to all ages.

Seeking artist to display drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures. Other forms of art will be considered for inclusion.

No fee to enter.

Sales of works will be permitted.

Fisherman Bay Progress Association is seeking donations for either a raffle or auction on the day.

Please send your expression of interest to Michelle Brown at info@fishermanbay.com.au no later than July 31.

Subject title – Fisherman Bay Art


Location: Community Hall (Foreshore)

Time: 4pm – 8pm

Open to all ages.

Solo musicians of all ages and / or bands to provide musical entertainment. Poetry / short story readings to accompany the art exhibition.

Venue: Community Hall – Inside or outside the front of the hall – depending on solo / band. Various options are available.

Venue: Foreshore – A mobile stage will be located in the car park on the foreshore for bands and the possibility of part of Snook Rd, front of the hall, to be closed for a smaller stage.

Please send your expression of interest or queries to Michelle Brown at info@fishermanbay.com.au or one of the committee members no later than July 31.

Subject title – Fisherman Bay Music


We are seeking submissions for poems and short stories for the publication of a book about Fisherman Bay.

Opened to all ages, the general topic will be Fisherman Bay and the local area.

What you like about Fisherman Bay? History of your family’s time at Fisherman Bay. Favourite memory and / or experience. The environment, natural habitat and beaches. How being at Fisherman Bay makes you feel. The excitement of traveling to Fisherman Bay and funny things that might have happened on the way. Fishing, swimming or water skiing. Long walks on the beach. Romantic adventures.

All submissions will be edited and published.

Submissions are now open.

This book will be made available for sale at the Festival. All writers who submit a poem and / or short story will receive a free copy.

Poems no longer than 100 words.

Story stories no longer than 2000 words.

(Consideration will be made for longer poems / stories.)

Please send your submission(s) to Michelle Brown at info@fishermanbay.com.au no later than July 31.

Subject title – Fisherman Bay Book


If you have not yet liked the Fisherman Bay Progress Association Facebook page, please check it out. Run by Frank Smith, the Facebook page is a great way to keep up with news about events at Fisherman Bay.

Current committee members are:

Tony Schkabaryn (Chairman), Judy Coad (Secretary), Robert Whiting (Treasurer), Lois Capurso, Greg Hale, Greg Traeger, Claire Strawbridge, Geoff Fuller, Heather Tullock, Rob Venning, Stuart Brown and Michelle Brown.