Welcome to Fisherman Bay webpage.

Located on the north end of the Yorke Peninsula, 5km out of Port Broughton.

Fisherman Bay was first established in 1920 with shack owners leasing land from the original owners, the Hornby Family.

In 1965 the Fisherman Bay Progress Association was established to maintain and improve services to Fisherman Bay. Consisting of shack owners, they volunteered their time to raise money for many of the features in Fisherman Bay including the installation of water to the shacks, playgrounds, roads and other benefits. 50 years on Fisherman Bay Progress is still actively working toward maintaining the social spaces.

In 1973 the land was sold to a number of families and the Fisherman Bay Management* was formed.

In the past 18 years Fisherman Bay Management have been moving towards the process of free holding the land.

Fisherman Bay is a great place, with a great community of people who care for the future of this great holiday village.




*Fisherman Bay Management is a seperate entity to Fisherman Bay Progress and is in no way associate with the continuing work by Progress.